International Weekend clinic’s

International Weekend clinic’s

It is possible to host a weekend clinic with me beyond the borders of the Netherlands.

Let Me Introduce Myself:

Marion Alblas
Trainer Timeless Art of Riding, which stands for: respect, patience and love for man and horse.

The happy groom of 4 fine-looking horses

Experienced in and Qualified for:
Horsemanship (different methods)
Straigtness training (different methods)
Academic Art of Riding (Marius Schneider and Bent Branderup) groundwork and lungetest acquired
Centered Riding
Competition Riding (Dressage at high level)


During the weekend clinic, 6 elements of training will come forward:

The weekend clinic is accessible for everyone. Level is of no importance because learning the basics is the most important phase in your personal development as trainer and the development of your horse as riding horse.

Lessons consist of groundwork, lunge, guiding your horse form the ground and/or riding.

The focus is always on the cooperation between rider and horse.

The exercises that I use are not the goal, but the tool to optimal communication between you and your horse, which will result in a physical, emotional and mental balance for both of you.

A weekend clinic consists of the following parts:
3 theory classes of 60 minutes
24 private lessons of 30 minutes

During the weekend clinic I can teach 8 students who will all follow 3 private lessons.
This can also be a pleasant experience for spectators/theory-participants.

Requirements for Hosting a Weekend Clinic:
Adequate riding ring
Adequate space for teaching theory classes
Space to welcome other horses and stable them during the weekend
Providing coffee/tea/water/lunch for participants

What I Offer You in Return:
Professional handling, training and revalidation/rehabilitation of you and your horse
Knowledge of the needs of horse and human
Room for emotions
Knowledge of the anatomy and biomechanics

The costs of a weekend clinic are €1200.00 excl. my travel cost and accommodation costs

When the destination exceeds 300 km I shall choose to go by plane

For hosting a weekend clinic, you can sent an email to